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 Tribute Page Ian Yando


HAT Special Opportunity Moose Hunt

Ian Yando

(December 12, 1992 – June 4, 2013)

Tribute Page

Ian Yando was our HAT Special Opportunity moose hunter in 2010. Ian did not get a moose but he showed a group of grown men what grit and determination really is. Ian had just completed a bone marrow transplant and probably should not have been in the woods but he was determined to go and go he did. He repeatedly stopped to take care of nausea he suffered from due to the transplant and the meds he was taking. His dad was right there, helping and supporting him all the way.

Ian was small in stature – the meds he took all his life impeded his growth. He had a custom fit rifle and a love of the outdoors. All he talked about was hunting deer and shooting carp with his bow. He was a 17 year old kid who just wanted to live a normal life and do all the things we all take for granted.

We had to cut Ian’s hunt short when his health took a turn for the worse. This is not uncommon for these hunters with such serious illnesses. Ian was visibly upset but he knew getting him to the doctors was the right thing to do. We were all feeling pretty low because we wanted to get him a moose so badly but we all knew it was the right call.

We were sitting around the camp table waiting for Ian when he approached us and made a heartfelt speech thanking us for being his friend and taking him on the moose hunt and helping him have the time of his life. Not a word of response was offered – we all had such a lump in our throats that nobody could speak. Many private tears have been shed by this group of men – he touched our hearts and we will never forget him.

Rest in Peace, Ian

Your lifelong friends at HAT...

Ian’s family expressed their wishes to “pay it forward” and provide sponsorship money to help HAT take other children facing life-threatening illness on their own moose hunts.

If you wish to help, please use the “Donate” button below and all funds will be used to help defray the costs of these annual hunts. Thanks for your support.

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