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By clicking on the "Join H.A.T of Vermont, you are agreeing to be bound by, and to comply with, the Mission Statement of H.A.T.  The Board of Directors of H.A.T. reserve the right to reject any application for membership in conformity with the By-laws of H.A.T. and an application for membership is not accepted until and unless the applicant receives written confirmation of acceptance directly from an authorized agent of H.A.T.

  •  All membership information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with a third party

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Membership Committee Responsibilities

  • Membership Committee Mission Statement:
    The three primary goals of this committee are Membership growth, Membership retention and to guide new members into active, participatory involvement in H.A.T.'s various committees.

    This Committee is responsible for:
    Set a yearly goal for new membership and membership retention.
    Recruit new members.
    Determine membership eligibility.
    Identifying prospective new members.
    Approval of all honorary memberships.
    Assist prospective new members with membership information.
    Assist prospective new members with membership forms.
    Mail annual membership renewal statements.
    Determine the reason for a lack of renewal from former members.
    Assist committees with locating members to serve on such committees.
    Follow up with members to be sure they are satisfied with HAT.
    Process membership applications.
    Mail membership packets to new and renewed members.
    Design and layout of all membership forms including membership cards and the welcome letter.
    Maintain the Membership data base.
    Membership mailings, mailing labels and printouts of various membership listings.