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Public Relations

PR Committee Mission Statement

It is the mission of the PR Committee to determine and implement appropriate methods to increase awareness of HAT’s policies, goals and objectives as well as to inform and educate the sporting community concerning issues of interest.

We intend to focus our efforts in the following areas:

Web Site – this web site will be our principle means of communication with our membership and the sporting community at large. We believe this is the most efficient means of communicating, particularly on issues that require quick action. We have been very successful with this approach and the vast majority of our members maintain email addresses so this should be quite effective. The web site provides categorized areas of interest for our members to access and allows them to keep current on what projects HAT is working on as well as providing contact information for our members to share their thoughts and concerns. The email links on the site also permit and encourage our members to contact us with breaking issues in their area or interest group. This will allow HAT to respond rapidly to new issues and keep our members informed.

Periodic Mailings – this effort is intended to help our members which do not have internet access to stay in tune with HAT activities, issues and projects.

Support the Membership Committee – right now, one of the principal efforts of the HAT organization is to build our member base. We will be helping to communicate HAT’s role and value as a sporting organization in Vermont. We will accomplish this by identifying the issues that face the sporting community and pointing out the countermeasures being considered or pursued by HAT.

Coordinate efforts with other Sporting Organizations – there are many sporting clubs, organizations and groups in Vermont. All of these provide valuable services to sportsmen. HAT will always be ready and willing to work with other organizations to support and coordinate efforts that maximize benefits to Vermont’s sporting community. A great example of this has been the struggle to reinstate the Lamprey Control Program in Lake Champlain. HAT coordinated with and supported the efforts of the Lake Champlain Walleye Association (LCWA) and the Lake Champlain International Inc. (LCI) to advocate for this control program. Our efforts paid off and treatment was successfully conducted this past fall. There are many sporting organizations doing very important work throughout the state of Vermont, however, HAT will specifically focus on legislative issues and will provide a unique lobbying force in Montpelier.

Press Releases – the timely publication of HAT Press Releases is critical for public communication. It is also critical for effective mobilization of support for our allies in the legislature as well as in local, state and federal government.

Column in Outdoors Magazine – HAT will publish an article each month focused on providing information to the sporting community about issues, projects and positions HAT is involved with.

Special Projects – provide support to HAT Board of Directors and other HAT Committees to successfully complete any special projects undertaken by HAT.



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