of Vermont, Inc.

We are the Sportsman and Woman’s Professional Voice in Vermont.

What We Will Do:

We will work tirelessly to advance the position of every hunter, angler and trapper who holds Vermont and our heritage dear, each and every one of them, in the spirit of the American way. We will turn every stone and plow every furrow in our efforts to bring our naysayers to tolerate, if not accept our position. We will fight to the end of our days against all that would tear our roots from the land and deny us the heritage and traditions that are the Vermont sportsman and woman’s.

Declaration of Beliefs:

We believe      that hunting, fishing, and trapping are part of the native behavior of our ancestors, part of our connection life, and a RIGHT of every Vermonter, past, present, and future

We believe     people are part of nature and that our native habitat is found everywhere about the earth.

We believe    the isolation of any creature from its native habitat is not natural.

We believe   that being one with one’s native habitat is healthy and provides essential connectivity with the fabric of life on earth.

We believe  that policy of the State of Vermont MUST ensure the protection of our RIGHT to hunt, fish and trap.

We believe  that as hunters, fishermen, and trappers that we are part of the natural predator/prey process of life.

We believe  in the RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

We believe  open lands are a service to the public and encouraging landowners to keep their lands open contributes to the common good of our people.

We believe   in the importance of keeping public lands open to the public for hunting, fishing, and trapping. Such lands must consider all forms of access for the needs of all citizens.

We believe  given our ability to reason and use the scientific method to learn about our world we are better able to control the impacts of our natural behavior upon our habitat including the other creatures that share it with us.

We believe    these abilities obligate us to implement sound, science-based management of our activities that affect our environment. Thus, we believe in sound, active land management that supports and promotes healthy farm, forest, lake, and stream habitat

We believe    in the management value of hunting, fishing, and trapping.

We believe    our abilities are not fully developed and thus we must constantly and proactively, strive and seek better management practices.

We believe   our actions have social, political, economic, and scientific implications.

We believe    in promoting and protecting the social values and benefits of the outdoor heritage.

We believe   in promoting and educating the public to the values of our political perspective, and that the voice of the sportsman is vital in this effort.

We believe   in the tremendous economic value of healthy habitat that retains the embodiment of its natural character.

We believe     public revenues derived from hunting, fishing, and trapping and related sales should be used to sustain and enhance the related natural resources and associated points of revenue generation.

We believe   as we are indeed aware that our state of knowledge is incomplete that we must support, encourage, promote, and demand that a vigorous pursuit of knowledge using the scientific method goes forward in search of new and better ways.

We believe   knowledge is power; thus we promote the education of all who consider themselves part of the outdoor community.


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